Thursday, April 1, 2010

Belated February leftovers

February was full of great food. One Sunday for lunch, Matt and I ate at Vietnam Café. We shared vegetarian spring rolls to start; the dipping sauce was so good I ate some with a spoon.

I hadn’t eaten there in a couple years, so I was delighted to discover that they now have seitan (or just, as they call it, gluten) as a protein option! After enjoying seitan so much at Shojin in Los Angeles in January, I couldn’t resist the piquant yellow gluten curry.

I made Love and Olive Oil’s chocolate chip cookie dough truffles, and oh wow, they were just as amazing as Lindsay promised. These were gobbled up so quickly, I had to make a second batch just a day or two later.

At Panera on a rainy Sunday afternoon, I ate a simple black bean soup with a chunk of whole grain baguette.

One weeknight for dinner, I steamed a huge head of broccoli and ate it drizzled with my favorite spicy peanut sauce from Saigon 39, another Vietnamese restaurant in Midtown.

I don’t often post my breakfasts, so here’s one for you—plain yogurt, Fiber One, chopped raw almonds, and fresh blackberries.

(WARNING: seafood ahead) Matt and I ate a spur-of-the-moment dinner at Figlio, a very nice restaurant on the Plaza. I ordered spaghetti fra diavolo, which had a couple large shrimp and one really massive scallop.

I made this quick weekend lunch by softening a bit of chopped yellow onion in a dab of coconut oil, then adding garlic, ginger, and curry powder, and finally stirring in some home-grown lentil sprouts until just heated through. A sprinkle of minced cilantro completed the dish.

My friends and I ate a big group dinner at Thai Place in Westport before going out. They have my favorite pad thai ever.

Last but not least, Rachel and I had a Wednesday wine night at my place. I made a batch of homemade hummus and sliced up some pita bread to serve it with, and Rachel brought a bottle each of pinot grigio and merlot. I love wine nights!

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  1. That looks like some good food! Yum! :)

  2. I blame your comments on my blog about David's anatomy, combined with your recent spate of naughty posts, for the fact that I giggled upon seeing the vietnamese rolls :P

    And even though (or because?) I'm eating an entire tub of gelato with a spoon right now, I really, really want that plate of broccoli with peanut sauce. Oh, vegetables, I do miss you.

    Actually, I want everything in this post... *scrabbles at computer screen*

  3. You better share that Peanut Sauce I just bought a couple days ago at Saigon 39.

  4. Yay! I love wine nights too! And your hummus was amazing..

  5. Yes, almost everything here looks highly edible. Quite the tasty looking dishes.