Monday, April 5, 2010

Falafel night + V-Day dinner

I have two delightful meals to recap for you. Back on February 5th, local Middle Eastern foods company Yummy’s Choice threw a free falafel night! I’ve mentioned Yummy’s Choice once before, a long time ago, when I met Chef Kamal giving samples at Whole Foods. Since then, their product line has grown expansively and their distribution has widened from Kansas City to Denver, St. Louis, Santa Fe, and Albequerque. Falafel night was a treat to those of us that follow Yummy’s on Facebook. It was snowy, slushy, and ominous outside that night, but I dragged Matt along with me to the Yummy’s headquarters on 39th.

The place was packed beyond belief, which made their setup and organization all the more impressive. As soon as we walked in, we were presented with a tray of four meal options (clockwise from top): a falafel wrap, falafel salad, falafel burger, or falafel sandwich. Matt and I both chose the burger.

We were given little tickets and told to hand them to the cooks behind the counter across the room. Chef Kamal himself was back there prepping meals and talking animatedly with patrons. After handing off our orders, we were directed to a huge appetizer bar. This sprawling buffet contained hummus platters the size of hubcaps, pita bread, marinated olives, tabbouleh, chickpea salad, and grilled vegetables. Can you say heaven?

We’d barely gathered some appetizers and served ourselves cups of saffron-infused passionfruit iced tea (yowza) when our orders were ready.

There were not nearly enough tables to handle everyone, so Matt and I nabbed a spot by a windowsill and ate standing up. But there was so much food—after some hummus and pita, olives, tabbouleh, and chickpea salad, I could only manage to eat a couple bites of my falafel burger. Luckily, to-go boxes were provided. Just look at all I took home! I got another two meals out of this box.

I can’t believe that whole thing was free! What an awesome event for Yummy’s Choice to put on.

Switching gears, here’s a look back at Valentine’s Day. I already showed you the Italian feast I made for Matt the Thursday before, but lest you think he did not reciprocate, check out where we went on Saturday night—Aixois, a classy little French bistro in Brookside. What a surprise! I’d never eaten authentic French food in Kansas City, and somehow hadn’t even heard of this place. Matt was hoping it would evoke memories for me of my time in France, and it did.

We noshed on sliced baguette and shared a bottle of red wine from Bordeaux, and though it wasn’t as good as what I drank when I was there, I simply love that region’s wines.

SEAFOOD ALERT, again! This is very unusual for me. But a handsome man was wining and dining me at a fancy French restaurant, so rather than pester them to make me a mediocre vegetable ratatouille, I sprang for the grilled sea scallops in tomato-basil sauce, with pommes frites alongside. The portion size was very French, and I must say, the scallops were melt-in-my-mouth delicious.

The dessert menu at Aixois made me sigh with happy nostalgia. It looked just like the one at Au Bistrot de la Montagne in Paris! Thanks to the mocha devastation cake we’d been plowing through all week, Matt was uncharacteristically uninterested in the chocolate desserts, so we chose the crêpe aux fruits rouges, a perfect little crêpe enfolding fresh strawberries and gently whipped cream, drizzled with a sweet-tart berry coulis.

It was a dreamy ending to a delectable and romantic meal. It had been years since I’d had a proper Valentine’s Day, and thanks to my sweet and thoughtful boyfriend, this one went above and beyond my expectations.

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  1. Hi, just found your blog! I too am an "almost vegan". Your eats look delicious, and isn't it nice to be able to splurge on scallops once in awhile?


  2. Yay for posting old(er) events! Makes me feel better about the randomness of my posts :)

    That sea scallop dish looks divine, and I love the token two spears of asparagus. Though I'm sure they were asparagus (asparagi?) of Proustian proportions, right? :P

    Gotta love food that takes you back to happy travel memories - I hope I find some once I'm back in Canberra (next week - eek!)

  3. As I read you 'About Me' I feel like it could be me writing it. I am also 'Almost Vegan' just for health reasons.

    I am also a marathon runner (and triathlete), after working really hard, I finally got a Boston Qualifier at Columbus marathon this Fall and will be running Boston in less than 2 weeks.

    I have added your blog to my reader, and am looking forward to following your journey.

    I have just gotten started on my own blog since going vegan on the 21 day Quantum Wellness Cleanse I did starting Feb. 1st.

  4. Hannah—You can’t be home already!! Hopefully you still have a backlog of posts with which to keep me jealous and nostalgic for just a bit longer…

    McKella & Barb—I’m so glad you two found my blog! I really enjoy both of yours. I hope you keep reading :]