Tuesday, March 2, 2010

December-January leftovers

Every year, my friends and I throw a huge New Year’s Eve bash, and I’m in charge of the food. This year, for the sweets, I made chocolate chunk peanut butter blondies and two cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World: rum raisin (top) and margarita lime (bottom right). All were well-loved!

This is a random Sunday night dinner I made for me and Matt—a Tex-Mex chili from Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian, with from-scratch cornbread.

Chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes from Love and Olive Oil—homemade vegan cookie dough is rolled into balls and suspended in a vanilla cupcake batter, and is whipped right into the vegan buttercream icing. Dangerously decadent!

Here are some sesame balls that Matt and I shared at Po’s...

...and the curry noodles I ate with them.

This is a tweak on the dulce de leche shortbread bars from Baking Bites’ cookbook.

Rachel and I had a weeknight talkfest at JP Wine Bar, where we noshed on hummus and pita alongside flights of red wine.

I made mini loaves of my peanut butter banana bread, but split the batter in two parts. I made four loaves of peanut butter with chocolate chips, four loaves of chocolate with peanut butter chips, and the last loaf, seen here in the middle, with the last bits of both batters swirled together.

This stuff is always a hit!

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  1. wow woman!! you've been busy :> everything looks great! hey, what kind of pita bread do you like the best? those choc. chip cookie dough cupcakes sound ama.zing. my friend and i have plans to hit up "sprinkles," a cupcake store in dallas for my b-day later this month!

  2. Kati—Oh man, "busy" doesn't even begin to describe! I've got a blogging backlog you wouldn't believe. As for pita bread, I've never bought any in a store that's as good as the stuff I eat at Middle Eastern restaurants around town. For the "real deal," I'd pick some up at a restaurant, but a good storebought substitute is Western Bagel brand's Alternative Pita, which has lots of protein and fiber :] It's in the frozen section.
    The cupcakes were ridiculously good! I've heard of Sprinkles...my friends and I will have to check it out next time we're in Dallas. We go once or twice a year; love it there! You're lucky you live there :]

  3. Too. Much. Deliciousness. And a heart-shaped baking pan? Utterly lovely, andeven more so when filled with cornbread. Ohhh, you do make me long for my kitchen!

  4. Hannah—Thanks! Aw, and I know that feeling. How much longer are you away from home?

  5. Just a month more - though now that I'm over the sickness and accompanying homesickness I'm freaking out and don't want to end! Any chance you'd like to offer me a job in the States as your dishwasher or linen-folder or pet-walker or something? :D

  6. Yes, going home is bittersweet =/ Dishwasher & linen-folder? Uh, yes please! That is, as long as I can pay you in food... ;] If you're ever near Kansas City though, I've got a spare room you are welcome to crash in!

  7. Busy, busy. Naturally since I'm partial to sweets, all this looks amazing, as does the pita, shortbread bars and the rest.

  8. holy cow, i want to eat dinner again!!! that all looks so good!!!! yum!!! i am making a vegan appetizer feast for the oscars sunday, plus i am trying my hand at lemon bars, i get so excited about food.

    be a follower, not a hater

  9. Lauren—A vegan Oscars buffet sounds fun! What are you making? You may have seen it already, but I have a post on vegan lemon bars that I think are particularly delicious!

  10. Is Kansas City anywhere near Florida? :P I might be in that area before heading home... Otherwise, I'll hold you to that for the unknown future, and the offer is reciprocated for you with Canberra!

  11. Hannah—Haha, I'm afraid Kansas City is not anywhere near Florida, or anything coastal, in fact. We're right smack dab in the center of the country. Which is reason enough to come visit, right? :P A mutual sometime-someday deal works for me; you have my virtual handshake of agreement!

  12. :D I firmly believe it will happen! I'm actually half-thinking of postponing the PhD idea and maybe trying to find a job in the US for a few years...