Friday, August 21, 2009

Early August leftovers

That’s right, August leftovers are here already. I’ve got a VERY exciting announcement to make tomorrow, and then I’m going to be away from the blogging world for a short time, so I’m getting this post out to you in advance. First up: steamed tofu and vegetables, with brown sauce and brown rice on the side, from Fortune Wok.

Here is a combo platter at my favorite Mexican restaurant in the world, Ixtapa in Lawrence, KS. I ate there weekly when I was at KU, and I miss being a regular there. This is a ginormous black bean chalupa (with minimal queso), a sope at the bottom (corn patty topped with more black beans, guacamole, and unasked-for sour cream), the best Mexican rice ever, and more black beans on the side. Their cilantro-y salsa is also unsurpassed.

Here’s something I’ve shared before—my favorite tofu-veggie pad thai, at Thai Place. They forgot to omit the bok choy this time, but I picked around it.

Henry and I ate an unbelievable weeknight dinner at Korma Sutra, my very favorite Indian restaurant. We shared chana aloo (chickpeas and potatoes in a tomato-based sauce) and gobi keema (mashed cauliflower with green peas), with naan and basmati rice. Truly some of the best Indian food out there.

For a party recently, Henry and I made an encore batch of our salsa that was wildly popular at 4th of July, this time with homemade lime-scented tortilla chips. Our salsa has home-cooked black beans, grilled onion, corn, bell pepper, diced tomatoes and chiles, and lots of garlic and cilantro. It’s infused with chili powder, cumin, cayenne, and a bit of oregano. We reconfirmed that this is a must-have for all future parties.

Also with Henry (three in a row!), plus my friend Brett from work (he of the chocolate peanut butter cookies), I finally took advantage of Holy Land Café’s lunch special. I got a falafel-and-hummus sandwich, with their famous lentil soup.

Rachel and I went to Trezo Vino Wine Bar two evenings in a row last week. Why? They have the most fantastic white sangria I’ve ever tasted.

More Mexican! Dinner last Saturday was at Maya’s, where I got black bean enchiladas and a taco, soupy pinto beans on the side, and a whole lotta rice.

For dessert, our table shared the cinnamon nachos—basically deconstructed sopapillas. They were super-deep-fried, but super-delicious.

This last one’s a teaser—for the aforementioned party, I also made no fewer than four baked desserts. I’m not going to tell you about them (though you can probably read their "nametags" if you squint), because within the next few weeks, they will make their appearances on this blog. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this tasty spread:

Remember to come back tomorrow to hear my big news. It’s a jaw-dropper!

Past leftovers...

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  1. Just a quick correction this time we only had half a bell pepper in the salsa because it fell off the side of the counter and one of the cats decided to bat it around abit, However it did have Serano x 4 and Habenaro(I'll leave it up to the imagination as to how much of those we added... hint, more then one) It really was so flavorfull I kinda want to make some when I get home now.

  2. I love the look on those black beans with the tostada looking bread. I could eat that for ages.