Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Indian & Moroccan at home

A couple months ago, my friend Henry and I took a vegetarian Indian cooking class, and vowed to soon recreate the dishes we saw made that night. It took us a few weeks, but on Saturday, we did just that. On the menu was kofta curry and dal mahkani with basmati rice and naan, and we concurred that our dishes were better than the ones made in class.

Kofta curry = fried balls of shredded vegetables swimming in an aromatic tomato sauce...

Dal makhani = lentils and kidney beans curried to perfection...

Add them together, and you get a nutritionally complete, richly spiced, and insanely delicious Indian meal.

Last night, I made another 5-minute dinner, this one with just three ingredients: extra couscous from last week, a jar of accidentally-vegan Moroccan tagine sauce from World Market, and (of course) more chickpeas.

I heated the chickpeas up in the sauce and served them over the couscous. Though technically “homemade,” it’s so easy, it feels like cheating.

Also, I bought myself an early Christmas present last week that recently arrived – a six-jar sampler pack of peanut butters from PB Loco! Asian curry spice, Sumatra cinnamon raisin, jungle banana, dark chocolate duo, white chocolate raspberry, and chocolate chip cookie dough. Aaahh! It’s going to be a peanut buttery winter.

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1 comment:

  1. Hello fellow almost veg - although, in my case of course, it is AlmostVegetarian.com!

    I adored your Indian recipe. As luck would have it, I was reading it as the husband was eating Indian food (yes, it is breakfast time, and, yes, he is a peculiar sort!) and the alluring smell of curry was everywhere. So, of course, now I am craving Indian food (although, not for breakfast!).

    And now I have a gorgeous new recipe to try (thanks).