Thursday, December 24, 2009

Almost vegan in Strasbourg

This one’s short and sweet. After leaving Switzerland, we dipped back into France to visit Strasbourg, a border town that, by appearances, is more German than French. I was excited to visit Strasbourg because it was the place I most seriously considered studying abroad in college. Having finally seen it, I can say with certainty that it would have been a great city to study in. It’s very much a college town, yet is quaint and homey at the same time.

They had an ABC (Another Bloody Cathedral, as the Aussies had become fond of calling them) in the center of town. Even though we’d seen so many, I thought this one was particularly striking.

In the main square, there was a carousel! You better believe we rode the thing.

Just look at the lovely German architecture on this busy street lined with shops and cafés.

My favorite gelato thus far had been in Florence; what a surprise it was to find gelato in France that tied it for first place!

I got a triple dip of Nutella-, biscotti-, and mascarpone-and-honey-flavored gelati. Beyond delicious!

Before leaving, I stopped in a bustling little cookie shop. Dozens upon dozens of flavors of cookies were piled in rows of clear bins. You scooped your selection into a plastic baggie and paid by the kilogram at the counter. I bought an adorable little container to store mine in.

The cookies I chose were (clockwise from top left) vanilla, biscotto, almond, snickerdoodle, chocolate, toffee, and chocolate chip. They were crunchy, crumbly, and not overly sweet. My only regret was not having a cup of coffee to accompany them.

Next, we go back to Germany for stops in Heidelberg and Cologne.

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  1. That cathedral IS striking. Gelato looks delicious and that streetscape definitely looks "german".

  2. What a cute little container for your cookies. That gelato looks so creamy. Mmm...