Thursday, December 31, 2009

Almost vegan in Europe: the wrap-up

I could write a long, rambling finale in which I gush about everything I saw, ate, and experienced over the course of five weeks all over Europe—but I think that’s exactly what I’ve been doing over these past three months of entries! You’ve read what I’ve had to say and seen glimpses of all I did, and honestly, a summary is unnecessary. Suffice it to say, this was without a doubt the most exciting, invigorating, exhilarating, (expensive, fattening,) fulfilling, inspiring, important, unforgettable, life-affirming, and quite simply the BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself, hands down. What a thrill, what a rush, what a dream, and it was worth every penny, calorie, and moment.

I stated it best in the final email I wrote to my friends, from London-Heathrow airport: "I don't feel like a different person, but I do feel like a fuller, better, happier, and luckier one. I'm so ready to set the rest of my life in motion. I feel reaffirmed in who I am and what I want." And it’s true, and I do, and I’m never going to let myself forget the incredible feelings of lust and love for life that this journey instilled in me.

The second half of this year has been comprised of some of the best months of my life, and I feel more optimistic and content than I have in years. I wish everyone a surplus of health, happiness, hope, and home cooking in 2010. Bring on the new year!

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  1. AMBER!!!! I'm so sad you've finished your blog... :( Loved reading it and reliving it with you... (how do you remember all that stuff! Wow!) Miss you! Come visit us in Oz real soon okay?!
    Rhi xxx