Friday, October 16, 2009

(On a personal note...)

I'm running my second marathon tomorrow. I'm on track to knock at least 15 minutes off last year's time of 4:54:59. Wish me luck—or at least minimal discomfort!

I finished in 4:38:26, a whopping 16:33 faster than last year's time! I was constantly running at a pace just a little faster than I felt capable of, so I was pushing hard from about mile 8 onward. Yesterday and especially today (Monday), I'm unbelievably stiff and sore, but it was so worth the pain. Turning onto Grand and seeing the finish line was an even greater elation than last year, and totally forgetting about my body as I sprinted the last 200 meters is a feeling I wish I could bottle, sell, and buy stock in. I'm VERY happy with my time, and in a sort of sick, masochistic way, I can't wait till next year! Sub-4:30, here I come...

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  1. Good luck and run strong. And good on you for keeping up your training while in Europe.

  2. Yes, Amber, much luck in tomorrow's marathon. I will be thinking about you!

  3. Hope the race went well for you!
    (and people actually think they need meat to have enough energy to run a marathon - ha!)

  4. GREAT job your accomplishment yesterday. Wow! Have a nice day of relaxation today! You deserve it!

  5. Great job on shaving 16+ minutes off!!
    I am incredibly sore today as well - hope it goes away soon.

  6. What a time for such a distance! Don't know how anyone can do that...but congratulations on a great finish!