Friday, April 10, 2009

March leftovers

Sorry for the long absence, guys. I didn't intend to have a lull this lengthy, but I've had a lot on my plate lately (no pun intended). Let's get right to it.

One Saturday, I ate at the Thai Place in Westport with several friends. They've got some very fancy wood-carved menus there.

I hadn't had pad thai in forever, and Thai Place is my favorite place to eat it, so that's what I ordered. Yes, I leave in the egg. It's a once-every-few-months thing.

Henry's dish was vegan—bok choy and some other greens with tofu in a spicy brown sauce.

Here's a piping hot veggie samosa from Korma Sutra. Mmm!

My entrée was chana masala, with garlic naan on the side.

McCoy's in Westport actually has some great vegetarian/vegan options for a bar/pub type place, including an incredibly craveworthy roasted red pepper hummus appetizer.

My favorite stir fry at Pei Wei is the Mandarin kung pao. Tofu, broccoli, carrot, snap peas, and peanuts in a garlicky, spicy soy-based sauce, accompanied by brown rice.

Nick ordered something vegan too—a brown rice teriyaki bowl with tofu, broccoli, snap peas, and spinach.

More Indian! No, it'll never get old. More chana masala for me, and dal tadka (a yellow lentil curry) for Henry.

And lastly, Nick and I ate at Barley's Brewhaus, another bar & grillish restaurant. Not too many options there, but what I did get, I loved—a hummus trio appetizer (plain, basil, and olive) with tapenade and toasted baguette thins, and a side of sweet potato fries. Those fries were (gasp!) even tastier than the hummus!

Past leftovers...

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