Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Vegan Indian

Saturday evening, Emily, Tyler, Henry, and I visited a favorite Indian restaurant of ours, Touch of Asia. I liked it ok when I first tried it, but once Emily and I had the dal makhani there, we were hooked. It’s probably our most frequented Indian haunt.

I was feeling like something different for a change (the dal makhani, like I said, is my default order there). It wasn’t difficult for me to settle upon the chana masala—curried chickpeas. This place has MASSIVE portions, by the way. Appearances are deceptive—that bowl is a good three inches deep.

Their pillowy naan and fragrant jasmine rice make the perfect accompaniments.

For dessert, the ethereal gulab jamun. We’re still not quite sure what all is in these—they are some sort of fried dough ball bathed in a super-sweet syrup. So rich that a half bite of one suffices for each of us.

An entry with few words, I know. But when food is this superb and simple, not many words are needed.

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  1. Mmmm.. Indian food.. I deffinately have to try this one. We normally go to Taj Palace (across from Po's) they have a lunch buffet for a very reasonal price. I dont think its vegan friendly though :( but they have the best Veggie Korma ever..


  2. I love Taj Palace! I've been to every Indian restaurant in this city whose existence I'm aware of :] I bet Taj Palace's buffet is great. I fudge a little bit on Indian - but hey, that's the beauty of being *almost* vegan.