Thursday, August 7, 2008

An average day

Wednesday, 8/6/2008

It was a simple day. Boring, even. I ate relatively little again. There was the requisite Fiber One + Kashi puffed wheat + light vanilla soymilk, followed by several Triscuits with hummus, for breakfast. I ate leftover spaghetti marinara for lunch, and some grapes in the afternoon. All I felt like doing for dinner was snacking, so – big surprise here – I ate more Triscuits with hummus, plus some Kashi Heart to Heart cereal, and a tiny bowl of puffed wheat with soymilk.

Don’t fret, most of my days are not so dull or minimal. I do, however, go on kicks – partly because I live alone and have to eat all my own leftovers, but also because when I eat something that hits the spot, I tend to eat it the following several days as well. I’ll be eating spaghetti marinara for lunch the rest of this week, I’ll warn you.

The next couple days should contain more interesting food, though, and hopefully some pictures. Tonight (Thursday), Nick and I are eating out, probably Chinese; Friday, we’re going to dine at an undecided location for our belated anniversary dinner; Saturday, I’m going to some friends’ barbecue.

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